Elisa Badii / Sinaida Michalskaja: The Question Concerning the Window


Marco Bohr / Ryan L. Moule: The Impermanence of Photography


Eva Eicker / Janire Najera: The Black Hole


Anna McNay / Gareth Phillips: Search for ‘Hiraeth’


Anna Falcini / The Persistence of Discarded Matter: Eleanor Whiteman’s images of Tower Colliery, the Cynon Valley, Wales.


Claire Holland / An-My Lê


Anneka French / Emily Speed: Body/Building


Dorothy Hunter / Archive Play: A Collaboration between Mirjami Schuppert, Hertta Kiiski and Niina Vatanen


Thomas Morgan Evans / Erwin Wurm: One Minute Sculptures


Emma Lewis / A Case of Misplaced Faith: Photography, Memory, and AR Hopwood’s ‘False Memory Archive’


Paul Boyling / Dennis Hopper and Danny Lyon: Outsiders Photographing Biker Culture


Marco Bohr / The Representation of War in Richard Mosse’s ‘The Enclave’


Claire Holland / Andreas Gursky at Sprüth Magers and White Cube, London


Emilia Terracciano / Richard Hamilton at the ICA and Tate Modern


Camilla Brown / The performer emerges in the work of Sian Bonnell


Camilla Brown / Gayle Chong Kwan: ‘Arripare’, 2013


Rory Duckhouse / On Photography and Walking: The Work of Michal Iwanowski and Paul Gaffney


Elisa Badii / Stephen Gill: Anonymous Portraits


Marco Bohr / The Weight of History in the Photographs of Tomoko Yoneda


Anna McNay / Ana Mendieta: Photography, Film, and the Silueta Series


Francis Hodgson / Two Exhibitions of Tony Ray-Jones – Two Ways of Giving Context to Photographs


Roy Exley / Places as Traces – Phantoms of Industry: The Photography of David George


Angus Cameron / Hans van der Meer: Off the Shelf


Anna McNay / Document Scotland


Katy Barron / Bettina Von Zwehl: Ruby’s Room


Catherine Somzé / Meet Marie Claire: the work of EJ Major


Camilla Brown / Strange Encounters and the work of Anne Hardy


Liam Devlin / Helen Sear: Lure


Rory Duckhouse / European Chronicles


Marco Bohr / David Thomas Smith: Anthropocene