Helen James / First Moments: A text in response to a photograph by Kerstin Hacker


Dr. Katherine Parhar / Tabula Rasa: a cross-section of new Scottish work at Kaunas Photography Gallery


Katy Barron / An essay in response to Melanie Manchot’s four recent London exhibitions


Mary Pelletier / Photographer Jill Quigley and Gallerist Vivienne Gamble: Inter//Vention: Cottages of Quigley’s Point at Seen Fifteen


Iain Sinclair / On Effie Paleologou’s ‘Microcosms’


Anna McNay / Barbara Hepworth: Representing the Work and the Self through Photography


Grace James / Examining a Season of Photography in Scotland


Anna McNay / For Ever Amber: Stories from a Film and Photography Collective


Anneka French / Grace A Williams: The Appearance of a Vanishing Woman


Elisa Badii / In Case of Cosmic Surgery: Alma Haser/Sylvia Plath


Rory Duckhouse / Helen Sear representing Wales at the Venice Biennale 2015


Celia Jackson / Confession of Man’s Weakness: Matt Wright’s ‘Relics’ and the Metamodern Discourse


Francis Hodgson / Beneath the Surface: Considering the V&A Exhibition at Somerset House


Anna Falcini / Faye Claridge: Softly Following Stone’s Footsteps


Gemma Padley / Ed Alcock: The Wait


Robert Cook / Speed of dark – a text in response to works by Boris Eldagsen


Sharon Kivland / Hors-scène – a text in response to images by Steffi Klenz


Justin Coombes / Half-Heard Rhymes: Joséphine Michel and Mika Vainio’s ‘Halfway to White’


Elisa Badii / Sinaida Michalskaja: The Question Concerning the Window

Marco Bohr / Ryan L. Moule: The Impermanence of Photography

Eva Eicker / Janire Najera: The Black Hole


Anna McNay / Gareth Phillips: Search for ‘Hiraeth’

Anna Falcini / The Persistence of Discarded Matter: Eleanor Whiteman’s images of Tower Colliery, the Cynon Valley, Wales.


Claire Holland / An-My Lê


Anneka French / Emily Speed: Body/Building


Dorothy Hunter / Archive Play: A Collaboration between Mirjami Schuppert, Hertta Kiiski and Niina Vatanen


Thomas Morgan Evans / Erwin Wurm: One Minute Sculptures


Emma Lewis / A Case of Misplaced Faith: Photography, Memory, and AR Hopwood’s ‘False Memory Archive’


Paul Boyling / Dennis Hopper and Danny Lyon: Outsiders Photographing Biker Culture


Marco Bohr / The Representation of War in Richard Mosse’s ‘The Enclave’