Arnaud Delas – Photographs Auction at 25 Blythe Road / 25 Blythe Road London - Thursday 17 March 2016

Arnaud Delas – Photographs Auction at 25 Blythe Road

25 Blythe Road
London W14 0PD

Thursday 17 March 2016 12.00


Online catalogue viewing at 7nd March 2016

Viewing at the 25 Blythe Road Gallery:

13th March 12 noon – 4pm
14th March 10am – 5pm
15th March 10am – 7pm
16th March 10am – 5pm
17th March 10am – 12 pm

Online Catalogue

Included in Arnaud Delas’ forthcoming auction is work by one of the most famous Polish photographers of the 20th century, Edward Hartwig (1909 – 2003). There will be 80 photographs from his oeuvre with estimates up to £700 each.

Edward Hartwig was active over 50 years as a practitioner and champion of the medium. He successfully combined photography with graphic art, and was equally fascinated by the subjects of trees and landscape (particularly the Polish landscape), man, the theatre and architecture. However, in all of his works he captures the intensity of the moment.

Hartwig was convinced that artistic insights in photography can only be gained by applying innovative perspectives and creative methods. In order to enhance the dynamism, expression and structural impact of his works, he used – particularly in his black and white photography – intense contrasts of light and shadow and combines real elements with the purely abstract. His interest in the pattern of nature, as well as its fragments, characterised by severe realism or dreamlike quality displays the variety of his artistic output.

“Nature, changing with the seasons, reveals to him (Hartwig) an ever new, seductive face: he either sees it in a Romantic haze, or presents it in such a realistic way that one feels it is possible to touch the rough bark of a tree or the smooth surface of a shiny leaf that appears in his photos. The various ways in which he looks at it do not mean that his style changes, but are proof of his continuous search… capture the real essence of his subject”. – (From Edward Hartwig’s Poland, Oficyna Wydawnicza, JUMAR)

Also included in the auction is an interesting in quarto album of images of Uganda, circa 1910, by a British resident and amateur photographer, Frank Padget. This comprises more than 220 photographs, postal cards, ephemeras and press cuts, views and scenes including good ethnographical studies. Among the portraits feature the King of Uganda, Lendu woman, and colonial life.

Photographs from Egypt by Zangaki, circa 1885 are also among the travel images including an interesting albumen print of the mummy Seti I. Esimate £200 – £300. A topographical album from circa 1860 – 1900 comprises numerous photographs from around the world in mainly albumen print format. These include 3 early prints of Turkey by Robertson and Beato signed in the negatives, as well as Egypt and the Niagra Falls. Also prints of Italy including Pisa, Naples and Messina, as well as Nice and Cannes. This has an estimate of £400-600 From travel, social, architectural, and historical subjects as well as the aesthetic there is something appealing for all collectors.

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Edward Hartwig (1909 – 2003)
Hartwig was born in Moscow, where his father had his photographic studio. When Poland regained its sovereignty in 1918 Hartwig’s family moved to Lublin. First in the 1920s, inspired by Jan Bulhak, Edward Hartwig was mainly photographing landscapes in a mysterious and romantic manner. He became known as a “photographer of mists” and a photographer-impressionist. Later as a student of Professor Rudolf Kopitz at the Vienna Institute of Graphics, Hartwig, encouraged by having access to the latest photographic equipment, materials and modern technology, started to use new techniques and forms. From then on his workshop included experiments in the darkroom: over-exposure, double exposure, manipulations with the optics and light, the employment of mirrors. Further stages of his work involved combining graphics with realistic photography and since the 1970’s experiments with colour and abstract photography. Hartwig occupies an important place in the history of Polish photography, and has had a deep influence on many generations of photographers. The critics usually agree that Hartwig’s work cannot be classified within a concrete period, because it is a product of different aesthetic and stylistic periods which the artist has been connected with and which are so different – from romantic impressionism of the `20s to abstract and conceptual tendencies of the `60s and `70s. “Photography, like other kinds of art, creates its own world of forms and feelings” – reads Hartwig’s artistic credo in the “Contemporary Photographers” encyclopaedia. He goes on: “Experience has taught me that like plastic arts photography brings us closer to universal truth, but it never reveals it to us completely”. (References: V&A, ND magazine and

Arnaud Delas
Arnaud Delas is an established photographs specialist with particular interest in 19th and 20th century themes of travel, exploration, science, portraiture and nudes. He founded Galerie Hypnos in central Paris in 1996 which he ran for 9 years, and exhibited at photograph fairs around the world for many years. He has made significant discoveries in his career both in France and the UK, including a previously unknown image of Arthur Rimbaud taken at Sheikh Othman circa 1883, he also recently catalogued the important photographic collection of paper negatives by Felix Teynard from his expedition to Egypt 1851 – 1852, a single image from this group achieved 155,000 Euros. He is now a consultant specialist to 25 Blythe Road.