About Photomonitor:

Photomonitor is an online magazine focusing on photography and lens-based media in the UK and Ireland.  We help to promote engaging thought on artists’ work to our readers in more than 120 countries around the world. Our exhibition and book reviews, gallery listings, interviews, essays and online exhibitions are accessible by all, for free.

Providing centralised information about exhibitions in galleries and institutions throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Photomonitor’s online listings and reviews are the foundation of tomorrow’s archive of photographic exhibition history in the UK and Ireland.  

Photomonitor is currently active in nine areas: 

Gallery listings: We aim to list all exhibitions of photography and lens-based media in commercial galleries, institutions and university degree shows across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. 

Exhibition reviews:  Each month, Photomonitor commissions experienced reviewers to share their thoughts on a current exhibition.  In addition, Photomonitor uniquely welcomes unsolicited submissions of reviews from writers we have not yet met.  The aim is to create an information hub for exhibitions across the UK and Ireland, and in the process, the only archive of its kind.  The more reviews we receive, the better.  

Interviews:  Photomonitor is privileged to present interviews with leading members of the art and photography community.  In the coming months we will be speaking to artists across the UK and Ireland on their current practice, exhibitions, projects and inspirations. 

Essays:  Engaging with photography does not just happen in the gallery.  Photomonitor presents essays from leading writers engaging with the most important artists active in the UK and Ireland today and shaping thought on lens-based media within or outside the exhibition space.  

Portfolio:  Each month, Photomonitor features a special online exhibition of works, beginning on the homepage and continuing in the Portfolio section.  Whether it’s the newest series or an older, unseen work from an artist practicing in the UK or Ireland, Photomonitor will present works that demand investigation.

Book reviews:  Photomonitor supports the publication of books in the field of photography by commissioning book reviews and artist interviews to promote new titles, and we welcome suggestions and reviews.

Auction listings : Look to Photomonitor for centralised information on the biggest UK and Paris-based photography auctions, including listings from Bloomsbury Auctions, Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips all in one place.  

Collections: Photomonitor focuses on collections of lens-based media, both private and public, and the people engaged with building them. Collectors, curators, auction experts, festival organisers, academics and gallerists give a unique insight into their work shaping the collection and presentation of photography across the UK and Ireland.  

Talks: Join Photomonitor in a series of artist talks and discussions highlighting important trends in lens-based media both in and out of the exhibition space. 


A special thank you to the institutions whose logos appear on the right.  Your support makes Photomonitor possible.  

Christiane Monarchi
Editor, Photomonitor 



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