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Agnès Villette & Grégoire Dupond / Beta Bunker




In an age of atomised knowledge, miniature hardware and exponential data, caves and bunkers become new refuges for machines, robots and computers to process information. Sweden inherited a lot of nuclear bunkers from the Cold War, such as the one we visited a few months ago, lost in the middle of farm lands and lakes. Hidden under a granite mountain, XXXX (we cannot disclose the name for security reasons) is one of the biggest data centre in Sweden. The secluded location and the cold climate offer a perfect setting against physical intrusion and cyber attacks.

In an uncanny backward move to our ancestral modes of living, caves and bunkers are becoming centres of power, hidden away from control. The cave is transforming itself into a tactical zone hiding information and processing data, away from states. In a retro-futurist time loop, the military nuclear architecture recycles itself into new purposes.

Beta Bunker, a dual project installation with Grégoire Dupond is part of the collective exhibition Hustle in Detroit which opened 16th June 2018 and continues until the 25th August 2018.



Agnès Villette is a UK based photographer whose projects, exhibitions and residencies have spanned the globe. Most recently she completed her MA in Art Photography at London College of Communication in 2017 with a focus on Nuclear Culture and the representation of radioactive landscapes, undertook a residency in Ireland to photograph the Lee River forest, and completed a four year residency on the rewildening of the Orne River in Normandy, in partnership with Limoges University and l’Agence de l’eau. Since 1999 Villette has completed numerous international photojournalist projects, with topics including science and art, Zug and its crypto-valley, crypto-currencies, bitcoin, Ethereum, digital states and data centres in Scandinavia for Wedemain magazine (France), Le Vif/L’Express (Belgium), Le Temps (Switzerland), Le M le Monde (France), 8ème Etage (fr)…Pop culture, architecture, music critic, literature and contemporary arts for Citizen K magazine, Neon (Fr), Fisheye (Fr), The Independent (UK), Upstreet (Fr), Max (FR), Wallpaper (UK), Revue de l’Est (Fr), Délibéré (Fr) … Gastronomy features for Grand Seigneur (Fr), Citizen K, The Gourmand (UK), Gastronomica (US), Eat (Jap)… Environment, dark ecology, eco-politics features for Dust (Ger), Bilbok (Fr), We Demain (Fr) … as well as writing, film making, teaching and volunteering internationally.


For further viewing:

Hustle group exhibition at Science Gallery Lab Detroit, Michigan, USA opened 16th June 2018 and continues until the 25th August 2018.  detroit.sciencegallery.com/hustle

Agnès Villette website:  www.agnesvillette.com

Grégoire Dupond website: www.gregoiredupond.com