> Britishness – A Spanish Test Case

Britishness – A Spanish Test Case

© Iggy Smalls

Iggy Smalls

Britishness – A Spanish Test Case

Albumen Gallery / Online only

British identity and its display in Gibraltar can often take on what appears to the visitor as exaggerated forms. Is there an element of anxiety as to how strong the umbilical cord with the mother country really is that underlies emphasising or even overstating the British national identity? 

Brexit has given Gibraltar and the British national identity of Gibraltarians  a whole new sharp  edged topicality and uncertainty. In ‘Britishness – A Spanish Test Case’  Norwegian photographer Iggy Smalls explores and reflects on the display of hyper-britishness in Gibraltar.

The photo book ‘Britishness – A Spanish Test Case’ is available from Albumen Gallery.


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