Anna McNay / f&d cartier: We are the camera


Anna McNay / Gideon Koppel: B O R T H


Anna McNay / Document Scotland


Anna McNay / Ana Mendieta: Photography, Film, and the Silueta Series


Anna McNay / Gareth Phillips: Search for ‘Hiraeth’


Anna McNay / For Ever Amber: Stories from a Film and Photography Collective


Anna McNay / Barbara Hepworth: Representing the Work and the Self through Photography


Anna McNay / Julia Margaret Cameron: two London bicentenary exhibitions


Emma Lewis / A Case of Misplaced Faith: Photography, Memory, and AR Hopwood’s ‘False Memory Archive’


Greg Leach / The Crawlers: The Genesis of Social Documentary Photography


Greg Leach / Over-Still – Reflections on Staged Photography

Eva Eicker / Janire Najera: The Black Hole


Marco Bohr / Mishka Henner and the Boundaries of Photography


Marco Bohr / David Thomas Smith: Anthropocene


Marco Bohr / Trauma and Memory in the works of Kirk Palmer


Marco Bohr / The Weight of History in the Photographs of Tomoko Yoneda


Marco Bohr / The Representation of War in Richard Mosse’s ‘The Enclave’

Marco Bohr / Ryan L. Moule: The Impermanence of Photography


John Goto / Art Style


Roy Exley / Walls with Attitude: Elliott Wilcox – ‘Walls’


Roy Exley / Emma Critchley – ‘Waters Meet: Breath’


Roy Exley / Places as Traces – Phantoms of Industry: The Photography of David George

Francesca Marcaccio Hitzeman / Marianne Bjørnmyr: Your Penumbra


Francesca Marcaccio Hitzeman / ‘Im Seyoung In America: 1955 to 1956’ by Mikyoung Jun Pearce


Alexander García Düttmann / Stonehenge UFO: On Some Images by James Smith


Alexander Montague-Sparey / David Hockney: The Rite of Spring

Daniel Campbell Blight / The Animal That Therefore I Am: Justin Coombes’ ‘Halcyon Song’


Patricia Baker-Cassidy / Sir Benjamin Stone and Homer Sykes: Two compelling photographic historians


Dr. Katherine Parhar / James Pfaff: Alex & Me


Dr. Katherine Parhar / Tabula Rasa: a cross-section of new Scottish work at Kaunas Photography Gallery