Henrietta Landells / Blue Skies and Error Screens in David Birkin’s Documents of the New York Skyline


Simon Constantine / Against the Present: Critical Romanticism in Mark Wright’s ‘The Fireside and the Sanctuary’


Camilla Brown / The surreal in the work of Clare Strand


Patricia Baker-Cassidy / Sir Benjamin Stone and Homer Sykes: Two compelling photographic historians


Claire Holland / O’Keeffe and the Camera


Catherine Yass / Snæfells: On the work of Philipp Dorl and Ryan L. Moule


Camilla Brown / The evolving relationship between an artist and the landscape in the work of Chrystel Lebas


Greg Leach / The Crawlers: The Genesis of Social Documentary Photography


Dr. Katherine Parhar / Are We Still New Here? Graham Macindoe, Stephen McLaren and Sandy Carson – Scots in America


Magali Avezou / Les Rencontres d’Arles 2016


Gordon MacDonald / Krakow Photomonth 2016: Crisis? What Crisis?!

Dr. Katherine Parhar / Sylvia Grace Borda: Farm Tableaux

Camilla Brown / Playing and reality in the work of E J Major

Francesca Marcaccio Hitzeman / Marianne Bjørnmyr: Your Penumbra


Simon Bowcock / On the Beach: Massimo Vitali and Shirley Baker exhibitions in London


Max Houghton / ‘Great Interactions’ by Polly Braden


Philomena Epps / A walk through ‘Performing for the Camera’ at Tate Modern


Jesse Alexander / Don McCullin: ‘This is How it Is’ ? Telling New Stories


Anna McNay / Julia Margaret Cameron: two London bicentenary exhibitions


Helen James / First Moments: A text in response to a photograph by Kerstin Hacker


Dr. Katherine Parhar / Tabula Rasa: a cross-section of new Scottish work at Kaunas Photography Gallery


Katy Barron / An essay in response to Melanie Manchot’s four recent London exhibitions


Mary Pelletier / Photographer Jill Quigley and Gallerist Vivienne Gamble: Inter//Vention: Cottages of Quigley’s Point at Seen Fifteen


Iain Sinclair / On Effie Paleologou’s ‘Microcosms’


Anna McNay / Barbara Hepworth: Representing the Work and the Self through Photography


Grace James / Examining a Season of Photography in Scotland


Anna McNay / For Ever Amber: Stories from a Film and Photography Collective


Anneka French / Grace A Williams: The Appearance of a Vanishing Woman


Elisa Badii / In Case of Cosmic Surgery: Alma Haser/Sylvia Plath


Rory Duckhouse / Helen Sear representing Wales at the Venice Biennale 2015