Kasia Wozniak / Kasia Wozniak

Zed Nelson / The Family

Inês Alves / Beyond this Place of Wrath

André Lichtenberg / Within Series

Document Scotland / The Ties That Bind

John Goto / Two Days at Oxford

Tim Bowditch and Nick Rochowski / Insular

Marysa Dowling / The Movement of an Object / 2007 – ongoing

Stephane Graff / Professore

Spencer Murphy / The Abyss Gazes Into You

Annabel Elgar / Cheating the Moon

Almudena Romero / Self-Constructed

Jason Wilde / ‘Silly Arse Broke It’

Photo London / International Photography Fair coming to Somerset House, 21-24 May

Dafna Talmor / Constructed Landscapes

Kathrin Baumbach / Texas

Marisa Culatto / Ophelia

Adam King / Chip Off the Old Block

Ffotogallery / Wish You Were Here 2014

Maja Daniels / Mady & Monette

Anthony Luvera / not going shopping

Melinda Gibson & Thomas Sauvin / Lunar Caustic

Luisa Whitton / What About The Heart?

Iain Clark / Paddy’s Market

Alexander Missen / Q&A

Thomas Haywood / Island

Frances Kearney / Running Wild

MacDonaldStrand / MacDonaldStrand for Antifoto

Joss McKinley / Works

Melissa Moore / Land Ends