> In Conversation: Holding Time

In Conversation: Holding Time

Lisa Creagh

Still detail from 'Holding Time' © Lisa Creagh

Lisa Creagh

In Conversation: Holding Time

Fabrica / Brighton / England

Fabrica’s Making Space residency is an opportunity to test Lisa Creagh’s ‘Holding Time’ as a multi-screen installation featuring animation, stills and video. Using material created over the past three years of breastfeeding mothers, this installation running January 15st-21th will test a working method of showing stop motion portraits alongside an abstract ‘time map’ based on Cosmateque designs. 

For new mothers there is little in popular visual culture to affirm their new role as mother and breast feeder. Many new mothers want to feed their babies but feel isolated breastfeeding at home and may not have the confidence to breastfeed in public. This work sets out to remove the barriers to breastfeeding, whilst positively promoting this role in society by providing positive images of mother and child relationships. 

Creagh’s portraits are designed to represent a broad range of mothers including mothers of a variety of ages, nationalities, mothers with young babies up to small children. Most of the mothers are separately interviewed for The Parlour website in collaboration with sociologist, Lucila Newell. 

Using constructed patterns comprising of glass geometrical shapes, producing an ancient kind of ‘encoded’ of information within each portrait of mother and child that encompasses the duration each mother has spent breastfeeding to that moment. This work seeks to re-contextualise motherhood in general and breastfeeding in particular as an active, rather than passive activity, aligning mother and child with an older, more universal time system. 


About the artist:

Lisa Creagh graduated from Goldsmiths in 1994, and more recently, with a Masters in Photography from Brighton University. Her work centres around dialogues between the mediums of photography, digital imaging and painting. Her work has often been collaborative in nature: in 2006 she received critical acclaim for the originality of ‘Tidy Street’ where she transformed a street in Brighton in to a series of lightboxes utilizing the windows of small terraced houses and more recently she has collaborated with a sociologist on a website dedicated to discussions around motherhood, The Parlour.

Prior to her MA she was awarded two Arts Council, England Individual Artists Awards for exhibitions, reviewed in photographic journals and featured on television and radio. ‘The Instant Garden’, begun in 2008 was awarded a development grant by The Arts Council of England in 2010 and has been exhibited widely. It is featured in a new book by Phaidon on the subject of art and botany. Her new work, ‘Holding Time’ was funded by The Arts Council in 2017/18 and will be available for viewing on the night.


About this event:

Artist Lisa Creagh will be speaking with Christiane Monarchi, founding editor of the online magazine Photomonitor, dedicated to photography and lens-based media in the UK and Ireland. Over the past 8 years Photomonitor has published more than 900 features online from over 200 contributing artists and writers and maintains a comprehensive online listings guide for exhibitions, auctions and events in photography.

Time: 18.30 – 20.00. There will be refreshments served.

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