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Lucía Peluffo / Isabel


Artist’s Statement:

Isabel just turned six, she is my brother’s daughter. We have made these pictures for the last three years. I write “we” because it was also Isabel, who took pictures, with an analogue camera like mine. She invited me into her world and I invited her into mine – maybe, one projecting onto the other.

The toys that belonged to my childhood are still in the same house, that never changed, where Isabel and I inhabit this third world. When a child plays, they animate inanimate objects, they bring them to life. I play the same game, when I go into the darkroom. I take that object, that has its own history, and leave an imprint of that animation within each photogram.

Childhood is a place that is culturally separated from adulthood; sometimes inhabited by terror, by the endurance of fears and otherness. There are borders between children and adults, borders that this work explores, questions, and puts aside. She and I, we build a world, that overlays those other worlds, while both become alien and inexplicable. It is our own world that exists in a timeless present, that awakes every time it is revisited.

At right: Gelatin silver prints, Selenium toned. Photographs taken by Isabel (120mm film) and by me (35mm film)



Born in 1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lucía Peluffo studied Industrial Design at the University of Buenos Aires, which brought her close to handcrafts, workshops and knowledge of materials. Those six years of studies aroused an interest in materiality, and for knowing, developing and questioning the different production techniques. That is how she approaches photography, through questioning the device, what is referred to as photographic, its production and reproduction processes, and with a special interest in the nature of the image.

When she was six years old Lucía received her first camera, and she started studying photography at the age of eighteen. She spent time with different ateliers including the ones of Lena Szankay, Agustina Triquell and Proyecto Imaginario, in Argentina, and at Paris Ateliers, in France. She self-published the book “Somos uno. Somos dos.” (We are one. We are two.), finalist at Encontros da Imagem Festival (Braga, Portugal), the Latin-American Photobook Award 2017, organised by the Cuatro Caminos Museum (Mexico), and at the Ibero-American Photobook Exhibition (Lisbon, Portugal). This same series was projected during the Night of Photography, at the Tbilisi Photo Festival (Georgia). With the series “Isabel” she made several solo shows, and participated at the festival Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs (Bordeaux, France), San José Foto (Uruguay) and invited to a pop up show at the Voies Off Festival, during the Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles (France). She received the Third Prize at the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2015 (TIFA), a special mention at the FELIFA-Futura Photobook Prize 2018, and was finalist of the prices Francisco Ayerza 2016 and 2017 (organised by the Fine Arts National Accademy, in Argentina), the IV Premio ArtexArte and the VI Premio AAMEC for contemporary Argentinean photography.

Lucía is currently based in Buenos Aires, has her own design studio called MORSA, and teaches photography and black and white darkroom.


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