New York by Berenice Abbott from the Kaspar M. Fleischmann Collection / Christie's Paris - Friday 14 November 2014

New York by Berenice Abbott from the Kaspar M. Fleischmann Collection

Christie's Paris, 9 avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris

Friday 14 November 2014 18.00


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As part of the Paris Photo international fair, the Photography department of Christie’s France is pleased to be presenting three auction sessions. The first, to be held on 13 November, will cover part of the collection of the former Swiss art dealer, Kaspar M. Fleischmann to be sold in two sessions with the proceeds going to the University of Zurich photography centre. The first sale includes 154 prints by photographers as diverse as Eugène Atget, Heirich Kuhn, Ilse Bing and Richard Avedon with a very fine portrait of Charlie Chaplin (illustration above) as well as Brassaï, Ernst Haas, Walker Evans and Germaine Krull. Another sale will present the second part of the Kaspar M. Fleischmann collection, comprising 67 vintage prints by the American photographer Berenice Abbott representing views of New York. A further sale will end the season and will be made up of two parts; one devoted to classical photography and the other comprising a selection of contemporary photographs.

Elodie Morel, Head of sale: “We are very honoured by the trust that Mr. Fleischmann has placed in us. This major collection brings together some rare and unique photographs assembled in the course of a life that Kaspar Fleischmann devoted to promoting and arousing interest in photography at a time when it was still almost non-existent.”

When Kaspar Fleischmann opened his Zur Stockeregg gallery in 1979, there was still relatively little interest in photography in Europe. He then embarked on a sustained effort to make people aware of this still completely unknown medium; to educate new collectors and  develop their awareness of photography. He would organise more than 140 exhibitions during his career as an art dealer, one of the very first of which was devoted to the work of Berenice Abbott.

Fleischmann then concentrated on the work of the great masters of the 20th century so that his gallery became one of the most important in Europe. He helped with the creation of Paris-Photo and with that of the AIPAD Photography show in New York while giving his support to the creation of a Photography section at the Basel Art Fair. An economist and ethologist by training, he made numerous donations to the Zurich Kunsthaus and the Winterthur Fotomuseum. Thanks to the Dr. Carlo Fleischmann foundation, Kaspar Fleischmann made possible the creation of study centre for the theory and history of photography at the University of Zurich Institute of Art History.

The Kaspar M. Fleischmann collection will be dispersed in two sessions and is expected to raise a total of between €2,079,000 and €2,980,000.

This sale, the second session of the collection offered at the sale on Friday 14 November will comprise 67 works by Berenice Abbott. A monographic sale comprising prints from the 1930s will be held on 13 November. The proceeds of the sale of 67 prints by the American artist depicting views of New York will go to the University of Zurich photography centre. Berenice Abbott was, notably, the first photographer whose work Mr.Fleischmann presented at his gallery.

Selected lots are highlighted at right, full details can be found in the Christie’s online catalogue. 


Sales in Paris: 
Collection Kaspar M. Fleischmann : Thursday 13 November at 6pm
New York by Berenice Abbot, Collection Kaspar Fleischmann : Friday 14 November at 6pm
Photographies : Friday 14 November at 7pm


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