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Recently exhibited at Ffotogallery and featured during the last Diffusion Photography Festival, Prince, Huw Alden Davies’ recent series, explores the lines of visual and written narrative to create a detailed portrait that forms a dramatic and often humorous study of the artist’s father, a bi-product of a generation and his slanted views of the world.

Known as Prince, John Alden Davies has been recognised by this namesake for most of his life. By his friends, his family, and by all that have met him, and although, to him this was simply a name, to a boy (the artist) with little knowledge or care in the world, this was colossal. To him, his father was royalty, although not like Prince Charles, who was a man married to a princess called Diana and peered inanimately from a plate on the dining room wall, but a hero like Prince Adam of Eternia (except without a ‘Battle Cat’, or a sword).

In an attempt to reconnect with this childhood notion, Davies records the essence of a man and his eccentricities through photographic and illustrative story telling, creating a detailed portrait, while exploring the physiological and cultural elements that inform the image that should have once been his role model. 

Leading to his next publication Scaffold to the Moon (due later this year), and inspired by his artist residency in the last Diffusion Festival, Davies continues to chronicle the life of Prince in a series of essays in his online blog Prince Street, and can next be seen on show at:  PrinceBildKultur Stuttgart, Germany, 1st April – 14th May, 2017.



Born and raised in West Wales, documentary photographer Huw Alden Davies received a BA First Honours Degree in Photography at Carmarthen School of Art, and studied his Masters Degree in Documentary Photography at Newport, University of Wales. His work, focused largely on his home village and its people, studying concepts such as sense of place and cultural identity, has been featured in a number of publications, and exhibited in a range of international exhibitions and Photo Festivals.

Davies’ photographs have been included in the archives of the National Library of Wales, National Museum of Wales, and The National Portrait Gallery, London. With works recently selected for show at Ffotogallery, Athens Photo Festival, Encontros Da Imagem International Photography Festival, and Diffusion Festival (Cardiff International Festival of Photography).

Currently a lecturer of photography at Carmarthen School of Art, Huw Alden Davies continues to work as a documentary photographer, exhibiting artist, and bookmaker; working on a wide range of projects, including a collaboration on photographic initiative iPigeon, working with photographer Daniel Staveley, investigating visual concepts and theory through traditional and contemporary processes.      

Web. www.huwdaviesphotography.com

Blog. www.princestreet.co.uk