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Robin Gillanders  (a retrospective)

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Robin Gillanders

Robin Gillanders (a retrospective)

Stills / Edinburgh / Scotland

Stills is excited to present a major retrospective exhibition of work by Robin Gillanders, a hugely influential photographer, educator and advocate for photography in Scotland. The exhibition has been organised to coincide with our 40th anniversary year.

This exhibition will showcase newly commissioned photographs alongside a large selection of work made over the last forty years including portraits of artists, writers, politicians and various other public figures. It will feature collaborations between Gillanders and the artist Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925-2006), including a series, on display for the first time, that was made at Little Sparta, a garden and work of art created by Finlay at his home in the Pentland Hills. The retrospective will also present Gillanders’ recent series, A Lover’s Complaint (2016); photographs paired with haiku by the writer Henry Gough-Cooper as a response to the philosopher Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse published in 1977.

A selection of work featured in the exhibition will be available to purchase.


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