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About Short Cuts

Short Cuts to Success is about a number of things.  Society’s obsession with consumerism and the trappings of success – the great clothes, beautiful people and high living that are sold to us in fashion magazines. Photography’s role in creating and perpetuating this glossy world. And my conflicted feelings about it all – I’m both seduced and repelled by these images.

In Short Cuts to Success I literally cut through the barriers to this world and put myself in the place of models, ‘enjoying’ the gloss and glamour of this fabricated world. 

The cutting and blending of images is crude, a deliberate rebuke to the carefully controlled images of fashion spreads.

I’m developing the concept into a book, combining my own writing with the images.


About Gareth

I use photographs – my own and those of others – to make new work.  I sometimes combine images with text.

A previous series, Well worn, did this.  It brought together the images and text for ‘trashed’ and ‘used’ items of clothing sold on eBay by sellers like ‘housewifenextdoor’ and ‘mistressx’.  The series featured in issue 8 of Culture Colony (CCQ) magazine.

I also set up Other Spaces gallery to show photographs in public spaces.  Other Spaces has shown work by Erwin Wurm and Hans Van Der Meer.

My work has never been exhibited and is not held in any major (or minor) collections.

I live and work in Cardiff, Wales.